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โปรแกรม หรือสินค้าใช้บน : Razer
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รายละเอียด และการอัพเดทสินค้า

  • รองรับการใช้งาน Razer Synapse 2.0
  • Driver 32mm. แบบนีโอเนเมียม
  • เชื่อมต่อแบบ USB 

    Unleash the Beast Within
    Feast your ears on full-blooded gaming audio with the Razer Kraken USB. Everything in your games will be heard in immersive virtual surround, customizable to your needs via the Razer Surround calibration software. An included anti-noise microphone ensures teamwork and VOIP calls are conducted in absolute clarity

  • True-to-life positional audio
    Using a sophisticated virtual surround sound engine via Synapse, the Razer Kraken USB brings your games to life by projecting a 360⁰ soundscape around you. Everything from gunfire, to footsteps, voices, and even the wind in the trees can be heard with positional accuracy relative to your location in the game world.
  • Unidirectional analog microphone
    The unidirectional microphone of the Razer Kraken USB leaves no room for miscommunication – crystal clear audio reproduction, with balanced natural sounding tones, and little background noise pickup - relay your commands and smack talk as if you were right there next to your teammates and enemies.
  • Advanced 7.1 virtual surround sound engine
  • Powerful drivers for high-quality gaming audio
  • System Requirements
    • Input Power: 50 mW
    • Internet connection (for driver installation)
    • Headphones
      • Frequency response: 20Hz–20kHz
      • Sensitivity @ 1kHz: 112dB
      • Connector: Gold plated USB
      • Approximate weight: 250g (including 2.0m cable)


      • Sensitivity @ 1kHz: -40dB ± 4dB
      • Pick-up pattern: Unidirectional

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